FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is One Side car? Is toll tax included?
How is One Side car different from other cab vendors?
Why should I book through One side car?
What if I want a round trip or open jaw trip?
Do I need to register on your site to book car?
What if the car doesn't show up?
What if the car shows up late?
What happens if I do not reach my destination in time?
Can I change my booking?
Can I buy for someone else using my credit/debit card?
Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site? Do you store my card number and details?
How is the total fare/price calculated for an intercity return fare car rental service?
How is the total fare/price calculated for a local car rental service?
What is local, transfer and outstation car rental?
What happen if I do not reach on my destination in time?
Loss of goods.
Personal injur

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